About the Uttoxeter Heart of Oak Morris

Formed in 1955, the Uttoxeter Heart of Oak Morris Men have been a significant presence in East Staffordshire and South Derbyshire, dancing at fetes and pubs during the summer months. We have also danced on Boxing Day at noon in Uttoxeter Market Square every year since our foundation.

The Uttoxeter Heart of Oak Morris performing in EastbourneUttoxeter Morris Men dance mainly the Cotswold traditions, but occasionally venture into the world of Rapper and Long Sword dances and the odd Border dance

Uttoxeter Morris Men are a Morris Ring side, which means we belong to the group of Morris sides under the umbrella of The Morris Ring of Great Britain.  In common with all Ring sides, our leader is called the ‘Squire’ and it is his job to organise and lead the dancing the dancing. Our Foreman is our coach and teacher and between the Squire and the Foreman, we strive to uphold and preserve the Morris Tradition of England.

The dances, as we perform them are, as near as we can guess, what you may have seen in a Cotswold village in the late 19th Century. We have our own dances in the style of the Morris Tradition too.

Where Can You See Us?

We produce a dancing-out programme each year, which we make as widely available as possible and information on our programme of dance is available here.


You can make enquiries about booking us here

You Can Dance The Morris

We also teach Morris to anyone who wishes to learn, either to join us as a team member, or just for keep fit and interest (it is FAR better than Line Dancing for fitness and skill). Please click here for more information.

Below is a video of the Uttoxeter Heart of Oak Morris in action.